I’ve Moved!!!

October 15, 2015

Life, etc.

I probably should have done this a while ago, but well, here I am.

I’ve moved over to a new space – The Good Living Blog. I wasn’t very happy with how this blog was shaping up and was itching for a new start. If you’d like to continue reading about my attempts at healthy living, easy and healthy recipes, an occasional project or two, and just stuff about me and my life, why don’t you hop over to the new blog!

Thank you for you support, and see you on the other side…err, the other blog.

Recapping a Holiday: Positano

May 18, 2015


Positano, Italy, Top 5 Things to Do in Positano

What do you say for three days where you do nothing but spend time by the beach, swim in the sea, eat like there’s no tomorrow and sail around Capri on a fabulous boat?

Yes, that’s right. Bliss.

Oh, and add a dream job offer being confirmed while on holiday there (for the husband, not me), and you have winner on your hands.

Positano, Top 5 Things to do in Positano

Positano is an adorable little town in Italy’s Amalfi coast. It’s not as touristy as neighbouring Amalfi town and we were glad to have chosen it as our final destination for our honeymoon. The drive from Naples to Positano is both breathtaking (what views!), and nerve-racking (what sharp turns!).


Our hotel was kinda bare bones, but we still had some gorgeous views from our room.

Positano, Italy

Two things you will see in abundance around Positano are lemons and ceramics… Make room in your luggage if you’re planning to stock up on some vivid and colourful crockery.


Crockery reminds me of all the food that we indulged in while in Positano. Some of my favourite places were:

  • Chez Black – Right on the beach, this one had absolutely smashing seafood dishes. The pesto spaghetti is a sure winner!
  • Rossellinis – This one is in Ravello, about 40 kms drive from Positano – super winding roads, just so you know! Probably my most favourite meal in Italy, which is rather difficult to say, given how almost every meal was absolutely fantastic. They have plenty of options for vegetarians. And that mozarella and tomato salad – mind blown!
  • La Fontelina – We went here during our tour around Capri island. It’s set into the rocky mountain face, with a “beach club” thing where they set out mattresses and umbrellas on massive boulders and you can work on your tan (not that I needed to get any more tanned!!!). It’s got an amazing, relaxed vibe, so be prepared to spread your lunch over a couple of hours (and reserve ahead!).

Capri Marina Around Capri

We also took a day trip to Capri. It’s a beautiful town, no doubt, but something about it just felt too touristy to me. Be sure to ride up the funicular. The views from the top of the mountain are extraordinary, especially if you time it around sunset.

After a fabulous Italian holiday, Positano was like the icing on the cake. It made for the most perfect ending to our holiday. I can absolutely see myself going back there.

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Weekend Reading #2

May 8, 2015

Weekend Reading

Hong Kong at Night
{Image via}

I’ve spent the better part of this week in Hong Kong for work, and it’s been good, from a work point of view. Hong Kong is a fun, lively city (though the weather has been rather muggy the last two days!) and I love coming back here. I’m hoping to fit in a bit of shopping and sight-seeing today and tomorrow. I hope you have great plans for the weekend too!

That’s it for this week! See you folks on Monday.

Saying No To Traditional Project Life in 2015

May 6, 2015

Memory Keeping

Project Life 2014

I discovered Project Life in late 2012 and made my brother play courier boy so that I could start my album afresh in January 2013. In fact, it was through Project Life that I was introduced to the wonderful world of memory keeping.

Project Life is a fabulous system. You can completely mould it to fit your lifestyle. It does not have to be a weekly or even monthly document. At its very core, it’s about capturing your memories and documenting them in a physical format. It’s about finding a system that works for you and sticking to it. I’ve been trying to do that for the last two years, and I still haven’t found a way to make it work consistently.

You see, most of us, we view Project Life as a way to capturing our everyday – the smaller moments peppered with the big events, the highlights of the week or the month, everyday photos, daily routines and such like.

It’s this “traditional” way to doing Project Life that has been a struggle for me this year. If you’ve read my posts around here, you will probably know that my 2013 album never got done. And my 2014 album is just couple of photographs away from being complete.

Memory Keeping

As things stand today, I do not have the time or the energy to commit to day-to-day documenting this year. I mean, we are 4 months into this new year, and I have rough layout sketches for 3 weeks at most. I could try to find blocks of time to get caught up. But this “getting caught up” business gets me down every time. I hate this constant feeling that I am behind, that I am always trailing behind something that is super elusive.

So this year, I am giving it a rest. I love the concept of everyday / weekly documenting dearly, but I am not going to beat myself up for not having the time for it. I am not going to self guilt-trip myself on this.

So what does that mean for my memory keeping plans for this year? I am not sure I have a concrete idea yet. But yes, holidays and travels will definitely be documented in either photobooks or 6X8 PL albums. I may not be capturing the day-to-day in a PL album, but the #selfiescrapbook idea seems like a doable way to capture some elements of everyday life. I also have a lot of spill-over projects from last year which have still not seen the light of day.

So, you see, while I may not be doing “traditional” Project Life (ie, weekly or monthly documenting) this year, it does not mean that my memory keeping plans will be gone for a toss. I view everyday document in an album as only one of the many elements of my memory keeping process. This blog plus Facebook plus Twitter plus Instagram plus other albums that I create, they are all a part of the process. I am still very much in the memory keeping game.

Recapping a Holiday: Rome

May 4, 2015


Rome, Sofitel

Rome. Where do I even begin!!!

I am gonna say this first up… I tried very hard to love this great city, but that just didn’t happen. At least, not on this trip (just so you know, this trip happened like two years ago, and I’ve just managed to get the photos up here!). Maybe it had to do with the fact that all the exhaustion of the last few weeks was finally catching up on us. Or maybe we had not researched enough. Whatever it was, we had a good time and have some wonderful memories from our stay here, but it won’t be on my list of favourite cities in a hurry.

Rome - Trevi

We were staying at the Sofitel, and both the Spanish Steps and the Trevi were short walks away. The Villa Borghese was also rather close by, but we never ended up visiting there. The Trevi Fountain was one of my favourite things about the city (mind you, this recap is from almost two years ago. Last I heard, the Trevi was closed for renovation work). I know it’s a super touristy place – it was crazy crowded both times that we went there – but there was just something about that place that made my heart smile. Maybe it was the “hope” in the air. Maybe it was the cries of laughter. Maybe it was just Ankur’s company. I think I had this crazy smile the whole time we were there.

Rome - CameraRome, Colosseum

We made the mistake of opting for one of the history tours (Palantine Hill – Forum – Colosseum) in the middle of the day. I know as Indians we are used to a lot of sun, but truth be told, spending as I do most of my days in an air-conditioned office, being out in the mid-day sun for hours at a stretch can become rather unbearable. By the time we got to the Colosseum, I had mostly tuned out and was desperately seeking the comfort of some shade. In case you’re planning a summer trip to Rome, I would suggest you visit these places either early in the morning, or around early evening. The heat made it rather difficult for me to appreciate the true significance and historic relevance of these sites, which is truly such a shame.

Rome - Sant EustachioRome - Piazza NavonaRome - Piazza Navona Street Performance

Piazza Navona was my favourite accidental discovery during our stay in Rome. We’d read about it, and made a mental note to visit it sometime. We were wandering around the streets near Sant’ Eustachio (the husband says that the coffee there was fabulous – I would go by his word, since he loves coffee and I don’t drink coffee) and the GPS on our phone kept messing us up on the directions. After a point, we ditched the GPS and just ambled around the streets there. After a series of lefts and rights and what seemed like a really long time, we miraculously ended up at the Piazza Navona (and felt ridiculously stupid – it was actually only about 5 minutes from the coffee shop!!!!!), and were completely enthralled by the atmosphere at that place. Fun street performances, cute paintings and wares on sale and the lively restaurants dotting the periphery of the Piazza, made for a fabulous evening scene.

The Vatican Museums were grand. It never ceases to amaze me how much art and history there is to know and learn. The frescos at the Sistine Chapel were truly breathtaking, and I found myself wishing that I wasn’t surrounded by a sea of people (I fully acknowledge the hypocrisy of this – I was, in fact, one of the many in that sea of people!) to truly admire the great works of Michelangelo.

Rome - St PetersRome - St Peters 2

St. Peter’s Basilica was beautiful and magnificent, but my favourite part about the Vatican was the tiny post office right outside the Basilica, from where I proceeded to send postcards to our families back home. Yeah, I know, the things that excite me!

Rome - Bikers

Oh, and then there was gang of Harley Davidson bikers! They had some anniversary thing going on, and we witnesses hoards of these bikers all over Rome, but that day in particular, a whole lot of them had congregated in front of the Basilica, and were awaiting a special session from the Pope. The roar of the bikes, their camaraderie and their sense of “togetherness” was just a stunning sight to witness.

Rome - Streets

Our food choices were kind of hit and miss, for which I would totally blame our lack of adequate planning. One of my most memorable meals in Rome, was in this al fresco dining spot right next to our hotel, where we had some absolutely fabulous lemony and creamy pasta.

Rome is a fabulous city, but for some weird reason, it didn’t steal my heart. And by the end of our stay there, I was so looking forward to doing nothing in Positano. Details on that next week.

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