Memory Keeping Projects

February 19, 2014

Memory Keeping

I’m a late entrant in this game, this thing called “memory keeping”. Before I started Project Life last year, the only “memory keeping” projects that I had ever taken up were: a scrapbook for the husband (then boyfriend) for our first year anniversary and four photobooks. That’s it.

Of course I have plenty of pictures from different phases of my life – my childhood, my teenage years (though I’ll be the first to admit that I look so horrible in those photos that I really wish to tear them up…if only my parents let me!), college years and then my life in Bombay. But they just sit there…in the computer or those old, nearly-falling-apart-at-the-seams albums.

Memory Keeping

At the beginning of this year, I decided to commit further to my memory-keeping efforts and get all those photos (and the associated memories) onto paper, in some form or the other. So I made yet another list. This one of the memory-keeping projects that I want to tackle this year. And it turned out long, really long. Here’s what I intend to achieve in this year:

CHILDHOOD // A couple of years ago, I got all the pictures from my brother’s and my childhood from my parents’ place with the intention of scanning them. Suffice to say, no scanning has happened. But that’s all going to change this year. I intend to scan them + insert them into a sturdy photo album. The photo-album I will send back to my parents. I also want to create a photobook out of these old pictures so that my brother and I can each have a copy.

TEENAGE YEARS // The lesser said about these the better. They currently reside in small albums. If I am motivated enough, I will put them together in a single, sturdy album. Otherwise (and in all likelihood this is what is going to happen), I tend to ignore them.

UNDERGRAD // I don’t have too many digital photos from this time. Most of them exist as printed 4X6 or 5X7 images. I just want to gather them all together and insert them into a single large album + add some journaling if I can.

MBA // All digital photos. I actually have a fairly organised folder existing in my laptop with images from my MBA days. Into a photobook these will go. Probably a digital Project Life style photobook.

LIFE IN BOMBAY // I’ve lived in Bombay for close to 6 years now. Till 2013, most of my photos are of the big events – birthdays, trips, get-togethers etc. – but very little day-to-day stuff. I plan to document photos from 2008-2012 in a photobook (or two). Maybe some journaling, but I am not so sure.

2013 // This one was a big year. Major life event. Getting married and all such stuff. Apart from my Project Life album, I’ve already created a “Best of 2013” photobook (yay, one item ticked off my February List). The PL album will be done by the end of the month. So, that’s last year done and over with.

ANKUR & I // If you know Ankur, you will certainly know that he HATES getting his photos clicked. Well, despite his reluctance, over the last 7-odd years, I have amassed a fairly decent collection of our photos. These I am going to put together in a Project Life album with journaling + personal memorabilia. This way, I can keep adding to this over the years if I decide to keep at it, away from the main PL album.

OUR WEDDING & HONEYMOON // I am already in the process of compiling these. For the wedding album, I am planning on creating a photobook with all the formal photos with little or almost no journaling which can be shared with others. Then sometime before the end of the year, I want to put together a Project Life album (size undecided) which will be more personal, with anecdotes and journaling. The photos + journaling + memorabilia from our trip to Italy last year for our honeymoon will go into the Project Life mini-album.

MAURITIUS HOLIDAY // Last year, we went on a family holiday to Mauritius. We have a bazillion pictures from the trip and I would ideally like to document them in a Project Life mini-album or a Project Life 6X8 album.

I think that covers almost all the memory keeping projects I want to complete this year. Of course, these are over and above my 2014 Project Life album (which I am yet to make headway with!!!). I know this seems like a lot, but barring the scanning of the childhood photos, I think each of these can be completed in a weekend (or two).

And then again, I have Ali Edwards for inspiration. Her post from yesterday on unfinished projects made me heave a sigh of relief that I am not the only one suffering from a never-ending- list-of-projects condition. I mean, come on, if one of my memory keeping inspiration ladies (the others being Becky Higgins, Tracy Larsen, Elise (of course!) and Pink Ronnie) could be behind on projects, then I could most definitely be behind!!! :)

In terms of priority, I am planning to complete the wedding and the honeymoon albums before moving on to the rest of the lot. And boy, am I excited!!!

Are you excited about your memory keeping projects too? What projects do you have planned for this year?

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One thought on “Memory Keeping Projects

  1. Caylee

    I loved reading your plans for memory keeping. I keep a Moleskine with all the projects I’d like to create. I have way more ideas than time. I too was married last year (yay!) and so my honeymoon and wedding albums are my main project goals. I finished the wedding album, and have the honeymoon one in progress. I’m struggling with the honeymoon one since it’s a new format for me, but I did finish our honeymoon video last weekend (yay!).

    I have a box of things from our wedding (invites, name cards, cards from guests, ribbons, bachelorette goodies, etc) that I want to organise in some way. You are so great at collecting ideas, don’t you feel like collecting wedding memory keeping ideas ? ;)


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